Top Tips In Advance Of Your Tongue Tie Release Appointment

We have provided some useful tips and information for you to read prior to your appointment with us …

  1. If your baby has been unwell or has a high temperature prior to the appointment we advise you to postpone the appointment.
  2. Please bring a bottle of expressed milk if you are combining this with breastfeeding and your nipple shield if you have been using one (although we will try to help you feed without)
  3. Parking is available on street and is 30c an hour or to pay for parking via text with Payzone the code is BD (eg. text to 53311 is “PARK BD {no of min} {reg}” example; PARK BD 60 171D6543). Here is a link to the practice location on google maps:
  4. Space is limited inside the clinic and access to the surgery is up several steps so please leave buggies outside and bring baby in arms, a car seat or sling.
  5. Please arrive at the scheduled appointment time to be checked in
  6. Please try and bring your baby a little bit hungry as we would like them to latch and feed directly after the procedure – this gives better results for you and your baby
  7. We will ask if your baby had vitamin K by injection at birth.


COVID-specific Requirements

  • Do not attend if you have symptoms of COVID 19 infection (cough, fever, difficulty breathing) or have been in close contact with a confirmed case.
  • When you arrive stay in your car and call us to let us know (01 202-2809). We will let you know when you can enter the practice.
  • Please wear a mask (if you do not have one we can provide one)
  • You will be asked to use hand sanitizer on arrival
  • Please bring a card for payment – we would prefer not to handle cash at present