Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you with any general questions or queries that you may have about any of our treatments and services, making an appointment etc. If you have a question that is not answered here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us with – we would be delighted to hear from you and happy to help!

How do I book an appointment at The Dental Suite?

Call the surgery now on 01 202 2809 and we would be happy to try and find a time that suits you.

What are your opening times? Do you open late or on weekends?

The surgery is open Monday to Friday 9-5pm and opens late on a Wednesday until 7.30pm. We open ‘by appointment’ on Saturdays. If you have an “out of hours” dental emergency then please call our emergency mobile number 087 313 0999.

Do you accept medical card?

No, we no longer accept the medical card as a form of payment in our practice.

How long will my treatment take?

This depends on what treatment you are having done and the complexity of that treatment, our team would be happy to discuss this further so just give us a call on 01 202 2809.

How much will it cost?

The cost of treatment will be different with every different treatment plan. We would be happy to discuss this with you at your examination appointment and can provide you with a written treatment plan on request. See our Fees and Services page for an indication on pricing.

Do you cater for nervous patients?

Our practice is one of the only surgeries in the country offering conscious sedation for general dental care and people travel from far and wide to access this service.

Talk to us for more detials about this proceedure.

What is Conscious Sedation, and who can avail of this?

Conscious Sedation involves the careful and controlled use of sedative drugs to help anxious patients to relax and manage their fears about dental treatment.

As the name suggests the patient will remain conscious throughout the procedure but very relaxed and sleepy, most people have a sense of detachment from what is going on or loose their sense of time. They will be conscious at all times so can talk to the dental team and respond to instructions throughout. With IV sedation the patient will not remember much of the procedure the following day. Conscious sedation can help many anxious patient to receive treatment and improve their oral health. It is suitable for adults and children alike., however IV sedation is not suitable for children under the age of 16. Your dentist will obtain an up-to-date medical history, record your height, weight, heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen levels and complete a thorough dental examination prior to sedation. We will then discuss what type of sedation is best for you.

Can I drive home after having conscious sedation?

No. We insist that you have an escort to take you home after IV sedation or Inhalation Sedation and with IV sedation you must have someone to care for you for the rest of the day. If you have had treatment after taking a tablet to help you relax we recommend you have someone to take you home but this is not always necessary.

Can I go back to work the day after having sedation?

Yes, most people are fine to return to their normal daily routine the day after sedation. However if you have had an invasive surgical dental procedure you may wish to arrange some time off to recover.

Is conscious sedation the same as “being knocked out”?

No conscious sedation makes you very relaxed but you remain conscious throughout the procedure. A general anaesthetic is often known as “being knocked out” and this has to be done in a hospital setting. Conscious sedation is very safe and can be administered in general practice. It makes you so relaxed that most people fall asleep and will have little recollection of the treatment the next day.

Will I feel pain during my treatment with conscious sedation?

No, we will use local anaesthetic prior to any dental treatment; just like if you were having the treatment without sedation. As you are conscious you will be able to tell us if you feel uncomfortable and we can give you more local anaesthetic (numbing).

Do I need to fast the morning of the treatment?

No, with all types of sedation there is no need to fast. We recommend you have a light meal, like tea and toast. A heavy meal may make you feel sick but no food will leave you hungry and weak so something light is ideal.

Why do I need to remove my nailpolish before treatment?

It is very important that we can place a finger probe on the index finger of both/either hand to monitor your breathing and your heart rate. To do this their must be no nailpolish on the nails.

Do you accept Visa/Mastercard?

We accept all major credit and laser/debit cards.

Where can I find you?

Please refer to the map and directions in our Contact Us section.
If you are lost just call us on 01 202 2809.

Do you have a denture repair service?

Sadly this service no longer exists on site at The Dental Suite. However we can arrange to repair your denture in coordination with a local laboratory. This usually takes a minimum of 24 hours turn around time.