Our Services

We accept Medical Card and PRSI dental entitlements. Both of these schemes will cover the cost of an examination, including any intraoral (inside your mouth) x-rays that are needed (normally €65) once in any calendar year. Please note; medical card cover does not cover children under 16 in private practice

The medical card may also cover the cost of emergency fillings, extractions, prescriptions and denture repair or replacement. However some items require prior approval from the HSE before treatment can commence. We recommend you attend for an examination and all of this can be discussed with you in greater detail.

If you have private health insurance or Garda Medical Aid you may be entitled to claim some of the treatment cost and we will be happy to assist you in this regard.

All patients will be advised at their examination what treatment is required and how much their treatment will cost. We will happily provide you with a written treatment plan on request.

Our Fees

Please see below a detailed list of our prices; it is not possible to give an accurate cost of an individual treatment plan online or over the phone as a full clinical examination is needed, but the list below should give you an indication of our treatment costs.

Clinical Examination With Dentist (Adult and Child)

Exam only €50
With radiographs €65

X-Rays / Radiographs

Small €20
Large €50

Scale (Clean) And Polish

With hygienist €80


Composite (White) from €80
Amalgam (Silver) from €80
Temporary (White) from €60

Root Canal Treatment

1st stage emergency treatment €120
Incisor €400
Premolar €500
Molar €700


Simple €100
Surgical €150
Primary (baby tooth) €80


Molar/Premolar from €700
Incisor/Canine from €800


Bonded €1,200
Conventional (with full coverage crowns) from €1,500

Porcelain Veneer

Porcelain Veneers from €700


Acrylic from €700
Chrome/Cobalt from €1,500

Concious Sedation

Pre-treatment Prescription €50
IV (Intravenous) Sedation (per visit) €300
Inhalation Sedation Child (per 30 mins) €100
Inhalation Sedation Adult (per 30 mins) €120


Mouthguards from €85

Anti-Snoring Device

Anti-Snoring Devices €900

Tooth  Whitening

Home kit €300